In the World, Not of the World

"Be in the world but not of it."  It took me awhile as a young adult to understand what that meant.

Much human suffering comes from mis-identification.  I can identify as my body, my job, my relationships... My surroundings create an environment to which I then attach identity.  That is why my teacher always emphasized "Environment is stronger than willpower."

Yoga Lab - Revolved Hand to Toe

And he emphasized the need for transforming one's inner environment through daily practices.  Transform my own nervous system in the morning and I bolster its power to withstand the pull of outward pressures (including other people's drama).

The environment is especially challenging in a city, where we are constantly surrounded my electromagnetic buzzing sounds; where we face the bleak concrete and asphalt terrain; where it is easy to be misled by the non-stop go-go-go machination of a modern world.

This is why I created an in-town 10 day intensive (which starts tomorrow), filled with workshops and classes for remembering what is really important - my soul.

Not a 10-day in Costa Rica or India, but right here in Indy. Transform myself in the midst of my regular life.

You are welcome to any class or workshop on its own, and it's not too late if you want to do the whole thing.

And for the regulars, please be prepared for some larger classes as we have intensive students joining in - bring your mats to the front and make neat rows.

It will be a magical 10 days at the school, and I thank you for your support

- Pierre