Foundational Yoga Teacher Training: 668 hours, RYT 200  

  • thorough - 3 times the industry standards for hours of education

  • confident - you teach 40+ classes in live classrooms, with feedback and mentorship

  • supported - weekly public $5 yoga class where trainees are trained how-to-teach; emotional/relational classes; direct mentorship from accessible trainers

ॐ  indy, colorado, mexico, washington, online

Are you a serious student looking for a program with depth?  Want on the job training?  Great!  Our unique, thorough training is based on repetitive learning over a long time span.  Worldwide, most RYT 200 yoga teacher training programs are intensives of literally 200 hours, with 0-1 actual classes taught.  Our training is over 650 hours with at least 40 classes taught, with supervision.

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2 PATHS:  

(1) RYT 200 (basic) : ours is 668 hours   ॐ   

(2) RYT 500 (basic + advanced) : ours is 1200 hours 

If you are new to teaching yoga, you will begin with what is called the RYT 200 program.  Ours usually takes about a year for an adult with another job.  If you know you are interested in a more thorough training, you can sign up for the RYT 500 hour program at the onset and receive a price discount on our basic (RYT 200) + advanced (RYT 300) trainings.  Our RYT 500 program usually takes 2-to-3 years for adults with other jobs.

If you have previously completed another RYT 200 teacher training and wish to transfer into our RYT 300 / 500 program, please see the transfer student page

Our teacher training programs are thorough. You will graduate with confidence, and along the journey you will discover great personal healing and growth.  The current yoga industry standard of 200 hours is insufficient for effectively learning how to teach.  Here you will receive triple the hours required by our industry, teach at least 40 classes with feedback, and do so for the same price as other training programs.  We are committed to the beautiful growth of Yoga, we salute your sincere efforts, and we will do our very best to support your journey.

 - lead trainers Pierre Couvillion E-RYT500, Yoga Alliance #34289;  Shiela Dimof E-RYT500, YA #149775; Kathy Busto Mickel E-RYT200 YA #180869

3 CATEGORIES comprise our programs

  1. Practice - love yoga

  2. Tools Development - learn skills to share your love of Yoga

  3. Teaching Practicum - practice sharing your love of Yoga, with on-the-job training

(1) Practice - love Yoga

Yoga is experiential learning. Having developed a personal practice is essential prior to teaching one. You will practice at least 125 hours at Santosha or similar.  These hours are self-paced and separate from your tuition.  Those with many years of experience will be given special consideration to test out of this requirement.  Distance learners will have the option to use our videos for home practice.

(2) Tools Development - learn skills to share your love of Yoga

Teaching requires sharing information with others. Reaching students of different backgrounds requires different toolsets. These courses include: 

  • bodywork, to work physically with others;

  • ayurveda (gardening health care), to learn "for whom and when" a practice of yoga is beneficial, and to learn how to adapt practices to different ages, body types, seasons, climates, and conditions

  • communication and conduct, to navigate teacher-student relationships;

  • anatomy, to understand body systems;

  • music, to lead meaningful group rituals;

  • yoga lab, to understand modifications, alignment principlies, and how to assist/adjust yoga postures;

  • sanskrit and philosophy, to establish the intellectual framework from which the teachings of yoga have grown and been preserved.

  • individual 1-on-1 assessment skills, to adapt the tools of yoga to individuals' needs

  • teaching lab, to practice teaching in small increments in a group format, to have weekly community with other trainees

(3) Teaching Practicum - practice sharing your love of Yoga, with on-the-job training

Having a personal yoga practice, and having developed some tools for teaching, you will then progress through several stages of teaching, and need to pass each stage. In all you will teach at minimum 40 classes and receive a lot of constructive feedback on your unique gifts and on how to improve.  

Those trainees who are approved also receive the benefit of our apprentice teaching program.

- on-site mentorship at 4 stages of teaching:

  1. Silent class: learn to share your love of the practice with even timing + pacing, while holding space for others to practice

  2. Talk teach: without demonstrating

  3. See the room: learn to work with individuals in a group setting while keeping the above stages intact

  4. Physical adjustments: learn safe, effective hands-on skills to align, modify, assist and enhance the practice while maintaining the above

In our teacher training, you receive the rare opportunity to actually practice these 4 stages, with mentorship, onsite at our studio in live classes.  You will graduate with confidence, and after graduation be able to teach an incredible, foundation, all-levels yoga class to students anywhere in the world - even if the students don't speak your language.

स तु दीर्घकालनैरन्तर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढभूमिः
sa tu dīrgha-kāla-nairantarya-satkār-āsevito dṛdha-bhūmiḥ
A practice which brings one to Truth becomes firmly-grounded when attended with devotion, for a long time, without interruption.
— Yoga Sūtra 1:14


You can pay in full, upfront, or pay by monthly installments. See our pricing page here

Refunds:  deposits and installment payments are non-refundable, only payment upfront in full is refundable.  See our refund policy for tuition paid upfront here.   


(1) Indianapolis; (2) Littleton, CO; (3) San Miguel de Allende, MX; (4) Richland, WA; (5) Online

  • All students have access to training at all locations

  • Alternate location weekly classes are free

  • Alternate location intensives have limited spots available

  • We do our best to host visiting students free of charge or at a low cost

  • Online courses require 200 hours of in-person intensive study at some point, interactive video classes and testing


How do I start?   INDY - We have open enrollment - you can start tomorrow!  You can even come observe our training before you commit any Wed night. CO, MX, WA use application form, we start at set times of the year

How long does it take?   You have 12 months to complete (special exemptions like pregnancy - ask for flexibility), though it could be finished in 6 months if done intensely.

What are the dates?  We have teacher training related coursework weekly.

Enrollment and questions:, or use the form at the bottom of the page


See our RYT200 modules here

See our credit hour requirements in a spreadsheet here

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