As our programs are self-paced, our refund policy takes into account 2 factors:

1) time length enrolled and 2) credits received.  

Deposits and installment payments are non-refundable.  

Tuition paid upfront in full is refundable, and will be refunded as the lesser of the 2 amounts: (1) time length enrolled or (2) credits received.  

1) Time length enrolled   is based from time on payment received.  

Weeks 1-2: 100% refund ; weeks 3-5: 75% refund; weeks 6-8: 50% refund; weeks 9-11: 25% refund; after week 11: no refund.

2) Credits received  is based on credits received in the 2 categories: tools development and teaching practicum hours as listed on our teacher training page (Note: practice hours are category 1 of the 3 categories listed on that page, and are not included in the consideration as they have a separate payment requirement).  

The refund offered based on credits received is [100% refund - the % of (credits received)/(minimum contact hours for the RYT designation)].  

The minimum contact hours for RYT200 is 180; for RYT300 is 270; for RYT500 is 450.  

For example, a student in the RYT200 hour program who has completed 10 hours would have a potential refund of:

 [100% - (10/180)as percent] = [100% - 5.56%] = 94.44% refund.  


Refund offered is the lesser of the 2 categories above.  For example, for a student in the RYT200 in week 3 who has completed 10 hours, the 2 factors for refund consideration would be: (1) time length enrolled = week 3 = 75% refund; (2) credits received = 10 hours = 94.44%.  The refund offered is then 75%.