Our Mission is to offer a glimpse into the authentic Yoga of the master teachers, including Paramahansa Yogananda

  •  AFFORDABLE -  we offer $5 yoga classes every day.  Basic, easy-to-follow, well-rounded yoga classes that are approachable to new, senior or large-bodied people, while still challenging and interesting to experienced or youthful people.

  •  EDUCATED -  Our director has 25 years of full-time work in natural health care.  He has multiple certifications: 3 different 1000 hour yoga; Yang style t'ai chi; 7 different bodywork styles; Ayurveda medicine; Sanskrit; and Yogananda meditation.  He has taught at the foremost Ayurveda and Yoga schools in the country, at over 100 schools.  Our teacher trainees are required to pass 3 times the industry standards in education hours, and apprentice teach 40-80 classes onsite, with supervision and feedback on 4 progressive stages of teaching (the industry standard is trainees graduate after teaching 1 class).

  • INSTRUCTIVE -  our yoga teaching offers consistent tools for people to explore at appropriate movement pace and movement capacity.  We actually teach you how to practice, whether it is yoga, body care, or ayurveda; we work with individuals on their unique needs.  We empower our students to learn and be independent - our yoga students learn how to develop a home practice.  See a free video of our level 1 class

  •  TRULY HOLISTIC APPROACH -  our yoga teachers have to learn bodywork skills; our massage therapists have to learn yoga and movement therapy; everyone has to learn communication skills; everyone studies the basics of Ayurveda, which instructs "for whom and when" a movement practice or body-care treatment is indicated. We have classes for each of the 5 koshas or sheaths of the human body: (1) physical अन्न   (2) bioenergetic  प्राण   (3) emotional/relational  मनस्   (4) intellectual  विज्ञान   (5) spiritual  आनन्द .

  •  DIVERSE -  our staff, our student body, our teaching locations - all are international.  Our classes are diverse - t'ai chi, heated yoga, athletic yoga, basic yoga; subtle bodywork like marma points and acupressure, deep bodywork like thai massage and barefoot shiatsu; ayurveda gardening medical care classes, cooking classes; even relationship communication classes.

  • COMMUNITY ORIENTED -   our students actually get to know each other and the teachers.  We have regular weekly and monthly events like a church does.

  • HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS  -  we sell fresh dried herbs, essential oils, body-care products, and massage oils that are of higher quality than even those found at health food stores, and we do so at below MSRP.  We use expensive ayurveda massage oils for your particular body type and condition.

  • SPIRITUALLY ORIENTED -  our underlying mission is to provide a safe space for spiritual connection for each student.  Most Westerners think "what will I get out of this?" when a more important question is "what do I have left to clean up about myself?"  Happiness is an inside job and learning to face one's own mind is no small task.   We have students from many different spiritual traditions celebrating together; we have classes in meditation, breathing, chanting, and sanskrit; and every component of our school embraces the one aspect of life that does not change - Spirit.