Initially we all had our reasons to come to Yoga.  Maybe we were feeling just a little too stiff at the end of the workday.  Perhaps we wanted to experience peace and calm and escape the weary world.  It could have been something far less profound.  Our friends were doing it, or we found a really good online coupon.  No matter, those of us who practice have found our own paths to the mat, and we hope you will too.

If this is somewhere you'd like to be, don't worry.  Yoga really isn't that scary.  Despite the media driven images of impossibly thin women bending themselves into pretzels this isn't real life at a yoga studio like Santosha.  Far from it.  Fancy yoga clothing is not required.  Just your presence and the ability to breathe.  

The hardest part of an new path is often getting through the door.  Many of us experience this with yoga.  Santosha School boasts a friendly community. You are most definitely welcome here, and we know you'll feel it when you walk through our door.  We understand that walking through that door is sometimes the hardest part.  You are not alone.  We've all been there.

When you schedule a class at Santosha, it is important to realize that there are no expectations here.  All we ask is that you bring the body you have now. Yoga is not about performance.  It's about breathing and doing what you can do today.  Each day is different.  There is no need to judge yourself in yoga.  Getting past that is important to receive all the gifts that yoga has to offer.  Take it one class at a time!

How Should I Prepare for a Yoga Class?

As with other forms of physical activity, don't eat right before a yoga class.  A meal three hours prior is ideal although this can vary by individual.  You may have a light snack up to an hour prior to class. If you're attending an early morning class you may want to skip breakfast.  

The studio will be warm.  Wear lightweight, loose, comfortable clothing.  Specific Yoga attire is completely optional.

You may like to bring a small towel to wipe away any excess perspiration.  

If you have a yoga mat, bring it.  If not, no worries.  We have loaners available and when you're ready we have mats available for purchase too.


What to Expect

Generally, yoga is practiced barefoot.  Be prepared to remove your shoes and socks upon entering the studio.  If you'd feel better with your socks on, that's okay too.  Sometimes socks can feel slippery when practicing though.

Relaxing music will be playing before, during and after class.  

At the beginning of class we often set an intention for our practice while being seated on our mats.  Sometimes we chant.  Our Master Teacher plays the harmonium too.  If you feel comfortable, join in.  If not, that's okay too.

If you're not used to sitting on the floor tell us so that we help with ways to make you comfortable.