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We are happy to have you join us!

Our teacher training programs are credit based, so we can accept transfers at any level of education.  There is no set start date.  You can start this week.  Generally there are 3 kinds of transfers:

  1. I have done some yoga teacher training coursework elsewhere but did not graduate

  2. I have already completed an RYT200 yoga teacher training program (or similar) somewhere else

  3. I have completed more than an RYT200 yoga teacher training somewhere else

We will do our best to honor the work you have already done.  We have tests for each of our required subjects.  In some cases, we can offer partial discounts on our programs for credits already completed elsewhere.  This is handled on individual basis and will not exceed 25% of the total tuition.

Already an accredited yoga teacher?

Our teacher training programs are thorough, and our graduates have had to pass several stages of teaching.  We honor the work you've already done in your RYT 200 hour program and celebrate that each training has its unique value.  In some cases, transfer students are ready to join our RYT 300 / RYT 500 hour program without any makeup work.  In some cases, quite a bit of makeup work needs to be done.  We have found that most teacher trainings around the world do not adequately train people how to teach yoga.  Please see our 200 level overview for more information, as each transfer student will need to test out of these 200 hour requirements.  

We have a clear transfer exam that we will give to you upfront and the study materials that you will need in order to pass it.  This work can be done concurrently with your 300 hour program studies.  Should you need to pay for RYT200 related makeup coursework, we offer it to you at a discounted rate of 50%, as long as you are in good standing with your payments for the RYT300 program.

Evaluating your current teaching skills

We have regular, weekly, teaching lab classes where trainees learn on-the-job, in a live classroom setting.  Your teaching skills will be evaluated at that class.  In addition, if you are already a teacher, we may schedule a private class for you to show us what you do.  If you need to work on a few things (verbal cues, physical adjustments, for example), you will have an apprentice class that you teach weekly to work on those things.  This weekly class is a part of your training, included as a free addition to your program.   You will receive feedback and clear instructions on what skills are still needing to be formed and clear guidelines for passing this apprentice class.


See curriculum details for our RYT 200 (level 1) teacher training here

See curriculum details for our RYT 300 at our advanced yoga teacher training page


How do I start?   We have open enrollment - you can apply today!  You can even come observe our training before you commit.

Orientation  every Wednesday night at 6pm.  Any sincere student curious about the teacher training can come any Wednesday night.

How long does it take?   You graduate RYT 300, advanced training, 15 months from your enrollment date.

What are the dates?  1 class/week + (1 class/week you teach) + 1 weekend/month. See our monthly workshop calendar here


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See our credit hour requirements in a spreadsheet here

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