Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: RYT 300  ॐ  RYT 500

स तु दीर्घकालनैरन्तर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढभूमिः
sa tu dīrgha-kāla-nairantarya-satkār-āsevito dṛdha-bhūmiḥ

A practice which brings one to Truth becomes firmly-grounded when attended with devotion, for a long time, without interruption.
— Yoga Sūtra 1:14

RYT 500 = new teacher trainee

Those of you who have not completed an RYT 200 can begin and enroll for a full RYT 500 hour program, which is a combination of the RYT 200 and RYT 300 hour programs.  You receive a $500 price discount for enrolling for the RYT 500 (instead of doing the 200 and 300 separately).  Please refer to the RYT 200 / 500 page for how to begin.  If you have taken some hours elsewhere, we will consider transferring credits on an individual basis.

RYT 300 (when completed makes RYT 500): you did your RYT 200 at another school = transfer trainee

Our teacher training programs are credit based and start when you enroll.  There is no set start date.  You can start this week.

Our teacher training programs are thorough, and our graduates have had to pass several stages of teaching.  We honor the work you've already done in your RYT 200 hour program and celebrate that each training has its unique value.  In some cases, transfer students are ready to join our RYT 300 / RYT 500 hour program without any makeup work.  In some cases, quite a bit of makeup work needs to be done.  We have found that most teacher trainings around the world do not adequately train people how to teach yoga.  Please see our 200 level overview for more information, as each transfer student will need to test out of these 200 hour requirements.  We have a clear transfer exam that we will give to you upfront and the study materials that you will need in order to pass it.  This work can be done concurrently with your 300 hour program studies.


We schedule a teaching class for you to show us what you do (similar to our foundation level 1 class).  You may need to work on a few things (verbal cues, physical adjustments, for example) to pass into our "paid teachers".  If there are things to work on, you will have an apprentice class that you teach weekly to work on those things.  You are not paid for those classes, it is a part of your training, which is included as a free addition to your 300 hour program.  If you do apprentice teach, you will receive feedback and clear instructions on what skills are still needing to be formed.  Once you pass your teaching evaluation, we are open to placing a class for you on our weekly schedule, and open to new class ideas and formats that you enjoy.   We do use level numbers (level 1, 2, 3) so that students know what movement pace and ability are explored in that class.


You pay for yoga classes until you pass into our "paid teachers" category.  Once you are a paid teacher here with a regular weekly class or more, your practice classes are free.  Distance learners can apply practice hours from home or another school.


$4495 is the basic cost for the RYT 300 (which makes you an RYT 500 if you already are RYT 200). 

Usually we require a $495 deposit.  If you are not paying in full upfront (most people do not), we charge a 5% installment fee if using checks (which would be $200 on a $4000 balance, for example), or 8.5% if using credit card ($340 on a $4000 balance).

You can use yoga teaching at the school toward the balance owed, but most people need to pay some amount each month as well.  We aim for $300/month as a total payment from all sources, which then pays off tuition in full in 14 months.  If you need to adjust this amount we can discuss it.


- Wed 6-9p , Sat 9-11a - please aim for 75% attendance at these weekly classes, though special needs will be considered


- weekly teacher training content classes  (occur M, W, Th, Fri nights and Sat mid-day)

- weekend workshops (monthly) dates for 2017: 

 Jan 13-15, Feb 17-19, Mar 17-19, Apr 21-23, May 19-21, Jun 23-25, Jul 21-23, Aug 18-20, Sep 15-17, Oct 13-15, Nov 10-12, Dec 8-10

- 10 day intensives (seasonal dates TBD)

Interested?  Curious?  Contact us at 317-405-8248,, or use the form at bottom of page


Interested?  Curious?  Contact us at 317-405-8248,, or use the form below


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