Our natural health care school is open every day for classes and services in:

our yoga flows:  level 0-1 restorative, level 1 basic, level 1-2 building, level 2 athletic, and $5 yoga classes

weekly ayurveda class, herbalism, emotional healing, and cooking

ayurveda oil massage, thai massage, barefoot shiatsu,  bioenergetic marma points, and weekly beginner bodywork class

breathing, meditation, chanting, sanskrit and weekly yoga philosophy class

Our Studio

Salutation to you!    Namaste    नमस्ते

Whether you are interested in taking excellent drop-in classes, receiving a therapeutic treatment, or learning ongoing professional health care skills, we offer you a warm welcome.  Santosha means contentment.  Find it here, learn to keep hold of it everywhere.

We are a family school, where people of all ages, races, nationalities, orientations, and religious beliefs are welcome.  We believe in certification and licensing for natural health care.  Choose certified and help these professions grow.



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