Yoga Personal Training

Personal training offers much deeper learning than a group class can offer. Bring your questions and goals, and your cell phone to record photos and videos. We use various tools to garden the body and mind, and help those of you interested in deepening your connection to Spirit.  We use:

  • Asanas (physical postures) - Breathing - Meditation - Ayurveda - Bodywork 

Whether it’s a 1-on-1, family or group, we will support you on your goals towards well-being. We help clients with:

  • Managing stress - Rehabilitating from injury - Increasing strength + flexibility - Managing chronic illness - Establishing a healthy daily routine

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Kathy Busto Mickel

Available 3 per week

Preferred methodologies: breathing, meditation, relaxing yoga, level 1 yoga, heated yoga, acupressure, thai yoga bodywork, barefoot shiatsu

Rate: $70/hr

yoga assisting spinal twist posture

Shiela Dimof

Available 1 per week

Preferred methodologies: broadly trained in all paces of yoga, many styles of massage and ayurveda

Rate: $70/hr


Jo Robinson

Available 1 per week

I have a passion for restorative yoga, gentle, and chair adaptations.

Rate: $60/hr