ॐ  Advanced Yoga Teacher Training: RYT 300 ॐ  RYT 500  ॐ  

Our advanced training reflects 1200 hours total.   

For students who originate with us, this reflects 668 hours in our foundation level 1 training + 532 hours in an advanced second level training of a student's choice (8 majors listed below).  

For students who transfer into our program, you will be required to make up any work to match our foundation level 1 training.  See our transfer page.

Choose your major

Restorative, ashtanga vinyasa athletic, hot yoga, yoga scholar and inner practices, ayurveda informed yoga, thai yoga massage, shakti flow energetics, general studies

Learn in weekly classes, at intensives, on retreats around the world

Our learning model emphasizes the repetition only available from weekly classes, while enjoying the peak experiences available from intensives and retreats.

स तु दीर्घकालनैरन्तर्यसत्कारासेवितो दृढभूमिः
sa tu dīrgha-kāla-nairantarya-satkār-āsevito dṛdha-bhūmiḥ
A practice which brings one to Truth becomes firmly-grounded when attended with devotion, for a long time, without interruption.
— Yoga Sūtra 1:14


1) Inner development: advancement in yoga is most importantly in the nervous system; therefore we emphasize the practice and teaching of breathing techniques and meditation

2) Strengthen a broad skill set:  it takes a variety of skills to teach others: touch (bodywork, anatomy), communication (NVC), understanding (yoga sutras, sanskrit) and assessment (ayurveda)

3) Develop one-on-one teaching skills:  for whom and when is a yoga tool indicated?, how do I design a realistic home/office practice for someone?

4) Choose a major.  Develop a new group class format build from our accessible yoga 1 class to a next format (more athletic, more restorative, inner techniques, hot yoga, etc) of your own inclination with a practicum that includes feedback and supervision.


We schedule a teaching class for you to show us what you do (similar to our foundation level 1 class).  You may need to work on a few things (verbal cues, physical adjustments, for example) to pass.  If there are things to work on, you will have an apprentice class that you teach weekly to work on those things.  You are not paid for those classes, it is a part of your training, which is included as a free addition to your 300 hour program.  If you do apprentice teach, you will receive feedback and clear instructions on what skills are still needing to be formed.

CORE REQUIREMENTS FOR EVERYONE (see full list on sheet below)

  • ayurveda
  • bodywork and anatomy
  • breathing
  • communication, conduct and ethics
  • yoga lab
  • teaching lab
  • teaching yoga 1-on-1
  • mentorship of RYT200 newer teachers
  • teaching workshops to RYT200 trainees


  1. RELAX RESTORATIVE - learn a group class mostly on floor, in chairs, with props;  learn acupressure and relaxing bodywork; learn emotional release technology
  2. ASHTANGA VINYASA ATHLETIC - learn as much of the primary and second series as you can
  3. HOT YOGA - learn a heated yoga sequence blended from the Shivananda and Yogananda traditions (the lineage of Bikram, Hot 26, etc)
  4. YOGA SCHOLAR + INNER PRACTICES - learn sanskrit, yoga philosophy; learn advanced breathing, chanting, meditation; learn communication and emotional release technology
  5. AYURVEDA INFORMED YOGA - design classes for different body types, seasons, and climate regions; learn ayurveda self care techniques and treatments (like shirodhara)
  6. THAI YOGA MASSAGE - learn the 3 hour thai massage pattern and how it relates to yoga postures
  7. SHAKTI FLOW ENERGETICS - learn the basics of Yang style t'ai chi, acupressure, and advanced breathwork;  apply flow principles to vinyasa yoga
  8. GENERAL STUDIES - major in any group of your choice


$4495 is the basic cost for the RYT 300 (which makes you an RYT 500 if you already are RYT 200).   See our new teacher trainee page for details if you are not already an RYT 200.

We require a $495 deposit minimally.  If you are not paying in full upfront, we charge a 5% installment fee on the balance owed if using checks (which would be $200 on a $4000 balance, for example), or 10% if using credit card ($400 on a $4000 balance).

You can use yoga teaching at the school toward the balance owed, but most people need to pay some amount each month as well.  We aim for $300/month as a total payment from all sources, which then pays off tuition in full in 14 months.


How do I start?   We have open enrollment - you can start tomorrow!  You can even come observe our training before you commit.

Orientation  every Wednesday night at 6pm.  Any sincere student curious about the teacher training can come any Wednesday night.

How long does it take?   It could be finished in as little as 9 months, or take as long as 3 years if needed.

What are the dates?  We have teacher training related coursework every day.  We believe in long term, repetitive, hands on study and learning.  Your credit hours by subject are for you to do at your own pace.  We are flexible with exact subject requirements while strict around total hours and Yoga Alliance standards,

Our workshop calendar, many of which are included in your teacher training tuition, is listed here


Contact us at 317-405-8248, santosha.school@gmail.com, or use the form at bottom of page

See our credit hour requirements in a spreadsheet here



RYT 300 (532hrs) - RYT 500 (1200hrs) credit requirements santosha  - Sheet1.jpg

Interested?  Curious?  Contact us at 317-405-8248, santosha.school@gmail.com, or use the form below