Wishing you a prosperous Bhogi and Makara Sankranti!

In the Vedic tradition, Makara Sankranti is the traditional harvest festival to honor the Sun for the bountiful harvest and marks the return of longer, brighter, warmer days. Astrologically according to jyotish, it marks the beginning of Uttarayana, the apparent northward movement of the sun which starts on the winter solstice and the sun entering Makara (Capricorn). 

Sankranti also known as Pongal, is a time for joyous celebration, colorful festivities and delicious food. Bhogi is celebrated a day before Sankranti (Jan 13 and 14th). just as all Vedic rituals and traditions carry a deeper spiritual significance, bhogi represents a conscious inner transformation. a bonfire is lit at dawn to represent the sacred fire of Rudra where old habits, vices, attachments are offered as sacrifice. it represents reflection and purification and marks new beginnings. 

In many ways this years Bhogi and Sankranti is very special to Santosha for heralding auspicious change, peace and abundant prosperity. wishing us all good times and contentment!