Lexi Humm (Amma devotee)

amritapuri beach, south india

amritapuri beach, south india

With the dawn of the New Year approaching, I am called to reflect on my day to day routines and habits. I reminded of one of Amma’s recent satsangs about importance of right action. Amma opened this talk emphasizing the faith alone is not enough. In order to experience the divinity within, purity of action coupled with right knowledge in our day to day life is necessary. The fruits of our daily sadhana and efforts are lessened without proper awareness in our daily lives. It is like allowing water to flow in many directions instead of flowing unidirectionally.

Amma went on to say that when the mind is one-pointed and focused, tremendous amounts of energy is conserved and generated within the aspirant. Such a person is become magnetic and is extremely beneficial to whole of creation. The less the mind moves, the healthier it is. And it is through finding a still mind that the mysteries of the universe will be revealed to us. 

Amma says that gold and gold ornaments are not two but one. As such, divinity is inside us as inherent consciousness, but in order to awaken and experience divinity within, we need purity of actions.  One must translate the ideal of our prayers/sadhana into action. Without this, “it would be like boiling milk in a dirty pot- the milk would spoil!” Proper action along with having the attitude of seeing all human beings as divinity makes us open to receive the factor grace. And as Amma always says, in order for anything to happen in life, we need these 3 factors: right timing, right effort and grace.

So with the coming of the New Year, I ask myself, where am I letting my energies leak? Where am I lacking proper concentration and awareness? Where I am lacking proper action? Browsing my phone and cluttering my mind before sleep… energizing my body with a cup of subpar coffee and spoon full of sugar instead of some good ol’ kapalabhati… worrying about where I am going to live in five months rather than being where I am right here, right now… I have some work to do! Just in time for some New Year’s resolutions :)

Much love from India all the way to Indiana <3

Om Shanti - Lexi