Shiela Dimof on Panchakarma at Sivananda ashram in Kerala



After completing the program last week in Pune, I had the opportunity to visit Auroville which is along the southeast coast of India. It is an eco village, ashram and experiment in human unity. I've never experienced such a large area and group of people living in such an environmentally friendly way. I stayed in a yoga guest house that was powered with solar panels and wind energy. The food they served us was grown right there on the farm, and the buildings were all built with pressed bricks from the soil right there on sight. From what I heard, the block of land was barren dessert 40 years ago when it began and now it is lush with large trees and greenery. I really enjoyed getting to go for long walks and bike rides on the ashram property and being in awe of what has evolved there.

I arrived in Kerala a few days ago at the Sivananda ashram which is up in the foothills on a lake. It is very tropical here with banana and coconut trees all around. The ashram has such a nice schedule beginning with group meditation, chanting and yoga. Then Ayurveda treatments and in the afternoon is yoga philosophy class. In the evening is a second group meditation.  It has been a treat to learn more about the Sivananda style of yoga. Attached to the ashram is the ayurvedic clinic which is surrounded by an ayurvedic herb garden where  they harvest many of the herbs fresh for treatments. My first three days of treatments involve a vigorous massage with herbal powders that exfoliate and draw out stored acids and toxins in the tissues. After the massage, they have me sit in a sweat box for a while to help liquify and move the toxins. A couple times a day I take herbs in the form of a strong tea decoction. The diet is very simple and plain, easy to digest. Already I feel very tired and foggy in the head which they say is the norm. 

It is hard to believe I'm at the last leg of the journey and time is going so fast!

I hope you are well!

Wishing you lots of Love, light, peace and joy!