Thai Massage + Yoga Assisting Intensive ॐ  Sept  14-16, 2018   ॐ  $360*

3 day / 30 hours study.  Thai Massage 100-300 level (basic-advanced)

with Pierre Couvillion and April Couvillion.

*Early bird pricing $360 before 8/1.  After $450.  

Additional 10% discount for Santosha TT/teachers pay

Price includes: Tuition

Drop-in Pricing is $15/hour* (ex. 3 hour session is $45), *priority given to students who register for the full weekend

thai massage.jpg

Daily Intensive Schedule (subject to change)

  • 730-830a   yoga
  • 830-9a breathing
  • 9-930a break
  • 930-1130  thai massage
  • 1130-1245 lunch
  • 1245-245 thai massage
  • 245-3  break
  • 3-5 thai massage
  • 5-515 break
  • 515-615 meditation
  • 615-730p supper, satsanga, examples, question and answer


  • All are welcome

  • For students and teachers (continuing education for RYT)

  • Supine leg work

  • Supine upper body work

  • Prone leg work

  • Prone upper body work

  • Side lying work

  • Seated position work

  • Learn how to apply the fundamentals of Thai Massage to your yoga posture practice and yoga posture assisting

  • Register early for all sessions to reserve your spot and receive a discounted price.  You can also drop-in to single segments by pre-registering online (no discount).  Note: Priority is given to those who register for the full weekend. As a drop-in, if you need to be bumped from the class we will give you 1 week notice and refund your payment.