Pierre Couvillion

Yoga E-RYT 500, Certified Ayurveda, NCBTMB Bodywork and Massage

Pierre Couvillion

Pierre is the founder and director of Santosha School.  He has 25 years of training and work in natural health care and has instructed at more than 100 schools in the US, Mexico and Canada.  He has instructed at world renowned schools like the Ayurvedic Institute and the Ashtanga Yoga Center.  

He holds certifications in:

Ayurveda, Yang style T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Ashtanga Yoga, Synergy (Hot) Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Viniyoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Ayurveda Massage, Acupressure (Marma), Barefoot Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Tui Na, Sanskrit, and is a devotee of the Self-Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Pierre does his very best to make spiritual living, which can seem difficult and esoteric, instead become simple, loving and practical.  He is working as hard and fast as possible to create a 4 year degree in natural health care so that young people may some day have a real profession in it - that this thorough education lead to natural health care being accepted for coverage through insurance or the dominant financial paradigm in health care, whatever it may become.

Pierre meets the established requirements for education and experience and is registered with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, the Yoga Alliance, and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, the national organizations for these health disciplines.

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Shiela Dimof

Yoga RYT 500, E-RYT 200, CMT Bodywork and Massage

Shiela headshot (1).jpg

Shiela has found a special home at Santosha as a yoga teacher and massage therapist.  She draws from her background of living at a meditation retreat center, training in bodywork, and her fascination with Ayurveda.  Her classes carry a nurturing, gentle and joyful feeling.

Tri Price

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training, Zumba Certified


Love of exercise, movement and music influenced Tri to take the certification for Zumba in 2007. After that she has continued to expand her capabilities and taken other training for group fitness, including yoga training in 2009.  Other group fitness certifications include: AFAA, AEA, LesMills Body Pump, Body Flow, Sh'Bam and various Zumba Specialties.  Tri's classes are fantastic fun and her love of life shines through.

Jo Robinson

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training

Jo’s zeal for yoga is only matched by her passion for and love of music, cats and sharing a heartfelt laugh with family and friends.  When she met Pierre and began practicing at Santosha, Jo knew she had found her spiritual home.   As Jo says, “it’s never too late to follow your heart and dreams”.  She has done just that in becoming a yoga instructor and delights in being a loving den mother to the teacher trainees. 

Kathy Busto

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training

Kathy Busto

Kathy brings decades of experience in personal development and a career in the development of others to her evolving role as a yoga instructor.  Her years of piano training are now finally being rewarded as she explores leading chants at class.  Her 2 boys Ewan and Colin are among our young star yogis.

Yvonne Noland

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training

Yvonne has practiced yoga for fun for a number of years and in the past few years has found Santosha as her home.  She started helping out at the front desk, and eventually ended up having an Ayurvedic Consultation with Pierre that changed her outlook on life. With Pierre’s help she has been able to lose weight and get her health back in control.  Having practiced hundreds of yoga classes, she knows the practice deeply and loves to share it with others. Yvonne excels at helping others have space to breathe and explore their practices.  


Kelsey Morgan

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training

Kelsey's path to yoga began as a way to round out her athletic routine. She soon noticed the peace yoga brought to her mind. Kelsey enjoys kindling a flame for yoga with her young daughter and the other children with whom she works. She teaches a physical yoga class that is light and playful.

Stephanie Rutan

Yoga RYT 200, 500 in training, PaddleFit Level 2 coach & TRX certified  

Stephanie Rutan Headshot.JPG

Stephanie sought yoga as a means of empowerment and healing after having unsuccessful double knee surgery in high school and painfully ending a 6 year romantic relationship.  Immediately, she wanted to learn more when she realized yoga's pervading effect on her spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Her deepest desire is to share yoga with others as a way to guide them to explore their inner self and union with God.  Her passion for finding gratitude and pausing for self reflection are felt in every class she teaches.  

Grace Meils

Yoga RYT 200 

Grace Meils Headshot.jpeg

Grace made the journey back to her native city of Indianapolis after many years on the West Coast, but it wasn’t until she discovered yoga at Santosha that she really found her way home.  She was a regular student at the school for quite a while before deciding it was time to become a teacher herself to share the practice she loves so dearly with others. When she’s not at Santosha, Grace can most likely be found walking on the canal towpath near her house, attempting to keep clay pots on center in ceramics class, taking pictures of flowers in the gardens at the IMA, or trying to identify the Ayurvedic dosha of various animals.

Keri Jeter

Yoga RYT 200 in training


Keri was introduced to yoga many years ago as a treatment for her asthma symptoms and was instantly hooked. Keri maintained a home practice with her daughter, but combined her love of traveling and yoga together as often as possible. On a trip with Belizeyoga in 2012, Keri was inspired to find a yoga teacher training course at home. Keri was thrilled when a friend introduced her to Santosha School and Pierre - the depth of training and inviting studio space was exactly what she was hoping for.  Keri has a big love for people, and looks forward to sharing her practice with youth in Indianapolis Public Schools.

Tanisha Neely

Yoga RYT 200 in training

Tanisha is a passionate yogi with a peaceful and playful heart.  She is a San Diego native and has practiced yoga since her youth, feeling its healing power through life.  She is happy to share her practice with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Seiko Amano

Yoga RYT 200

Seiko is from Japan and loves traveling as a backpacker. She has traveled to more than 35 countries and especially loves East Asia and Central America.

When Seiko traveled to India and Sri Lanka, she discovered Ayurveda and since then has wanted to deeply study it. Seiko has found the place she calls her second home at Santosha, which she considers her "Ashram". She is very happy to study about Yoga, Ayurveda, and body work from her teacher, Pierre.


Ray Booker

Certified Ayurveda Practitioner, Kriya Yoga initiate (Center for Spiritual Awareness)

Ray Booker is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and graduate of the ASP1 and ASP2 (2008-2010) programs at the highly respected Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico. During his two years with Dr. Vasant Lad, Ray studied Ayurvedic principles of diet and nutrition, pulse analysis, pathology and lifestyle. This course of study, combined with 25+ years of meditation/yoga experience, over four decades as a musician, a twenty seven year career in the field of Information Technology, and parenting two children, has given him a broad perspective in the practical application of the principles of Yoga in everyday living.

Mitzi Wilson

Yoga RYT 200 in training

Mitzi's passion for yoga came as a happy surprise while in graduate school.  Once she experienced the therapeutic benefits of yoga, she was hooked.  Her yoga practice has since evolved into a spiritual practice which has rooted her life.  Mitzi discovered Santosha through her exploration into Ayurveda.  She is grateful to have the opportunity to study at Santosha - it fills her love for community and learning.

Brandi Dale

Yoga RYT 200 in training

Brandi discovered yoga through an employer-hosted class and felt calm in her mind.  She enjoys yoga's tools for self-exploration and spiritual discovery, and is excited to share yoga with others - especially at Santosha, where she has found a second home.  Brandi loves being in Nature, has a big heart for animals, and enjoys learning new things - especially about the human brain.

Molly Moore

Yoga RYT 200 in training

Molly Moore Headshot.jpg

Molly developed her love for yoga while serving in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua. Through practicing with her fellow Peace Corps volunteers, she found the community of yoga. Since coming back she continued her practice and eventually found Santosha, a community to which she truly felt drawn. She is looking forward to teaching and sharing the love, peace, and wellness (both mental and physical) she has benefited from keeping a regular practice.