Invitation to try Indy’s vibrant, authentic Ayurveda + Yoga Natural Health Care center

$29 for a month of unlimited yoga at Santosha School

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  • We get to know our students and offer one on one attention in class

  • Our teachers have 3x the industry standards for education

  • Yoga 0-1 is relaxing with more time on the floor

  • Yoga 1 is great for beginners and a total body workout

  • Yoga 2 is athletic and includes handstand training

  • Yoga 2 heated is 85-90 degrees and great for recovery and healing

  • Breath and meditation are for reclaiming your nervous system

  • $5 yoga classes where you can see our yoga teacher training program in action

  • After your promo, we still have great class packages - including $5 yoga classes and $79/month autopay monthly

Santosha School is conveniently located just off of 86th Street and College in Indianapolis.  Click the map below for more details regarding our location. 


Santosha: Yoga Studio, Ayurveda & Bodywork Center

8580 Cedar Place Drive

Indianapolis, IN  46240