Yoga lifestyle - a foundation training for transforming body, mind, and spirit in 1 year

Interested in changing your life? Want more than a drop-in yoga class?

We have a 12 month program for you, with weekend trainings and optional home study.

Beginning each January. Interested in joining earlier? Ask about starting now and auditing until January.


  • therapeutic movement and exercise, the importance of a daily practice

  • diet and lifestyle by body type, climate and age

  • stress management and increased energy, using breathing techniques

  • developing a personal connection to Spirit (God)

  • self-care techniques for personal gardening (more than just brushing your teeth)

  • communication technology for better relationships, including enriching close relationships, conflict resolution, and identifying needs

  • a non-dogmatic approach to spiritual philosophy, incorporating Faith into daily life in a way that is respectful and incorporates any existing religious ideology, while still approachable for those averse to mainstream religions

2020 dates:

  • Jan 17-18

  • Feb 7-9

  • Mat 6-8

  • April 3-5

  • May 15-17

  • June 26-28

  • July 17-19

  • Aug 21-23

  • Sept TBD

  • Oct 16-18

  • Nov 13-15

  • Dec TBD

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