YOGA 0-1:   Santosha relax & restore flow Slower-paced class where poses are held longer with the intention of relaxing and restoring the mind, body, and spirit. Some prop use. More time spent in final relaxation at the end. 

YOGA 1:   Santosha foundation flow   is our basic flowing class with alignment instruction, foundation yoga postures and simple breathing techniques.  Excellent for anyone focusing on the basics, seeking rejuvenation, and for beginners.  We physically adjust students who would like that help, once we know you. (See video of full level 1 class on this page)

YOGA 1-2:   Santosha building flow   is our basic flowing class that serves as a bridge between the level 1 and level 2 flow.  Class is for those who are comfortable with the level 1 flow and are ready to start introducing level 2 postures and transitions into their practice.

YOGA 2:   Santosha athletic flow   is our moderately paced flowing class.  Class includes some alignment instruction, sun salutations, inversions, posture modifications for those in need, and breathing techniques in a challenging, yet supportive environment.  Expect to sweat.  We physically adjust students who would like that help, once we know you.

YOGA 1: $5:  is our basic flowing level 1 class with the instructor teaching mostly by example, a follow-the-teacher style class, or taught by our apprentice teachers..  They are often early in the morning - the best time to practice - or lunch hour, late evening.

HEATED YOGA    is like a sweat lodge or sauna, with yoga! Primarily for challenging the chemistry of the body and clearing impurities, while also allowing for deeper postures.  Our heated yoga classes are around 85-90 degrees and include assisting and teaching instructions to individual needs.  We take a break from heated classes during the summer months.  Heated classes are held from mid October - mid May.

 BREATH + meditation   class is 30 minutes.  We practice 3 - 6 standard breathing techniques, with instruction, and include moments of silence in between for meditation.

YAMA NIYAMA - relationship and emotional healing techniques   includes our introduction to the teachings of yoga philosophy and sanskrit.  We will also explore the non-violent communication work of Marshall Rosenberg.  The class is interactive, with at least one practice session of using a 4 step toolset: (I observe, I feel, I need, I request) to help you process a situation in your life where you feel stuck.  Bring a journal and writing utensil.