This Week's Special Classes

Our google calendar with special classes and workshops is displayed below, which allows you to see only the special events.  On our more thorough daily class schedule, daily classes and workshops are both listed.  Our daily classes are plainly listed, with our $5 classes clearly denoted.  

Workshops with additional charges have a ($ price) in front of them on the daily class schedule.

  • Wed 6/21 monumental yoga

  • Fri 6/23  silent day - enjoy a day of silence for the new moon

    • 7-9a  yoga lab: level 2 w/ Pierre

    • 6:30p  ayurveda: what is my baseline constitution?

    • 7:30p  yoga nidra + deep relaxation

  • Sat 6/24  

    • 9-11a  yoga lab: CANCELED

    • 9:15a  yoga 2 special class w/ Pierre ($20 drop in)

  • Sun 6/25  3-6p  open house + teacher training graduation

June events

  • Wed  6/21  Monumental Yoga - email to join us at our booth space or volunteer to help! 
  • Sun  6/25  3-5p  Open House - free yoga, live music, kids activities, mini massages, breathing, meditation, snacks for body types - email to volunteer

Upcoming workshops with our founder Pierre Couvillion

  • Sat July 22, 2017  1:30-4:30p  Sanskrit & Yoga Philosophy
    • Thousands of years old, the Yoga Sutras are considered a major teaching tool for the philosophy behind the practice. Philosophy informs the practice of yoga, and yoga practice unlocks the secrets of the philosophy. Encoded in Sanskrit, the powerful language of sacred spells or mantra, these teachings offer sincere yoga students the opportunity to go deeper into Self-Realization. Here you will learn the Sutras from a teacher who is both a Sanskrit scholar and yoga practitioner.  Often texts are translated by a scholar who has not practiced that which is described, or texts are discussed by someone without understanding of the native language in which they were written. Here you will receive word by word translations and wisdom based on 20 years of practice. ($45)
  • Sun July 23, 2017  9:15-12:15p  Yoga Therapeutics
    • Bring your individual questions about yoga postures and breathing techniques; learn how to apply them to your practice.  Pierre Couvillion is a master teacher with over 25 years of work in natural health care: yoga, massage and Ayurveda. ($45)
  • Sun July 23, 2017  1:30-4:30p  Emotional Healing: Non-Violent Communication
    • Practice transforming the emotional / relational body here. We use several techniques for healing:

      1 - cultivating a relationship to the Divine as the only place where ever-new love can be found

      2 - learning non-violent communication techniques that allow for empathic listening, without evaluating, judging, or trying to fix what another is saying and without taking anything personally

      3 - identifying, releasing, and replacing core dysfunctional learned programs from early childhood that are limiting my happiness in relationships, like "sacrifice myself for others" as an example. ($45)

10 day intensive - peak learning !

    • Fri Aug 11 - Sun Aug 20, 2017  10 day intensive  Yoga & Ayurveda  See details here