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"Santosha is more than a fabulous yoga school; it is a whole life, mind, body and soul university. Through yoga, Ayurveda, and more, I am feeling nurtured and supported in my development and life experiences. Santosha offers a variety of classes. I recently took Non-Violent communication taught by Pierre, and it was transformative, challenging and fulfilling all at the same time. I am grateful for Santosha and all the lovely souls that are the community. I look forward to experiencing and learning more with the gracious offerings and support of Santosha"-Kathy 

"My experience here was by far one of the most beneficial and nurturing I have ever come across, from Seattle to New York. visiting the area from out of town my mind body and soul needed some ayurvedic love and healing. the entire experience, from prompt response for appointment request, the welcome smile of Shiela, to the expert care I received from Pierre, was everything I had hoped for and so much more. this is not your typical place (generic spa) to have massage/body work and I strongly encourage you to experience Ayurveda through the expertise and compassion of this team. I look forward to many years of care and good health with some new friends - long distance and when I come back to visit. thank you Santosha, from the bottom of my Kapha heart. you are providing Indiana a much needed change in health care."-Donnia

"Santosha School is an amazing studio!  The energy of the school is vibrant and the people are kind and welcoming.  I had never taken a yoga class before coming to Santosha and started practicing as a form of cross-training for a marathon.  Fast forward two and a half years later, I'm still on my mat and at the same school!  The owner, Pierre, and all the teachers here have a true passion for what they do and knowledge that runs deep.  
If you want to get flexible, build strength, and get fit, then coming to Santosha will satisfy you.  However, if you want spiritual growth, self-acceptance, gratitude, and community out of your yoga practice as well ..... then you must come to this studio!  It has truly changed my life"-Brittany

"Santosha school is a wonderful space located on 86th street.   The owner is a dedicated and lifelong yogi, Pierre,  who is one of the gentlest, kindest  and knowledgeable yogi's I know.  Pierre helpfully modifies asanas for each person's limitations.  In addition to yoga classes, I also had the opportunity to purchase Ayurvedic oils and supplements for my body type"-Raj