WELCOME:  When you walk in the door, our main sign in station is available with directions for your visit:

1) remove shoes and place in cubbie

2) lock valuables in your car or bring in the classroom with you (phone on silent)

3) new students fill out blue card if you did not already create an account online

4) Have classes -  sign in on the iPad

5) Buy classes - online here or before/after class at desk





Pouches hanging on the wall at each classroom door hold:

1) cash to make change for $5 classes (write "$" by your name on the paper sign in sheet so we know you paid)

2) new student cards

3) adjustment cards (pictured) -- as a new student you have not yet formed a connection with our teachers and they do not know your preference for physical adjustments.  We encourage you to talk to the teacher before class and then take a colored card and place it at the front of your mat to communicate your preference each class:

Green = Go   "I am comfortable being physically adjusted and I welcome your help"

Yellow = Pause, ask me first   "I prefer you ask before touching me as I have an injury or sensitivity you should know about"

Red = Stop   "I do not want to be touched or spoken to today.  I choose to practice in my own way with the support of the classroom atmosphere"