3 day, 30 hours Hot Yoga Intensive Workshop

Fri Feb 23 - Sun Feb 25, 2018

with Master Teacher Pierre Couvillion


  • All are welcome

  • For students and teachers -- learn how to practice and teach hot yoga 

  • Learn how hot yoga is different from heated yoga and non-heated yoga

  • Learn to apply the principles of Ayurveda and yoga to a hot class setting for different body types

  • Posture analysis: ex) in eagle pose in a hot class you draw your twisted arms down and in to facilitate moving trapped lymph back to the heart.  In a non-hot class you draw twisted arms forward and up to increase shoulder mobility

  • Learn a safe and effective monthly cleanse

This is a rare opportunity to practice and study with a teacher of Pierre's depth and experience, so register early for all sessions by 2/22/18 for the "sleepy bird" price.  You can also drop-in to single segments by pre-registering online.  Note: priority is given to those who register for full weekend. 

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Fri Feb 23     7:30a - 7:30p

Sat Feb 24    7:30a - 7:30p

Sun Feb 25   7:30a - 7:30p

breaks included


Full Pricing

30hrs "Sleepy Bird" by 2/22 = $405 (10% off)

30hrs "At Least I'm Coming" by 2/23  = $450 ($15/hr) 

Drop-in Pricing

$15/hour session* (ex. 3 hour session is $45)

*priority given to students who register for the full weekend

Full Pricing for Santosha Teacher Trainees

30hrs "Sleepy Bird" by 2/22 = $324

30hrs "At Least I'm Coming" by 2/23  = $360 (20% off)