Bodywork and Massage Curriculum

Schools wishing to have a topic presented onsite can contact our studio manager here.  Students wishing to learn a topic can express interest here.

Workshops are generally 3 hours.

Bodywork 101: body mechanics for practicing bodywork and massage (t'ai chi basics)

Bodywork 102: meeting an other with touch: assessing and honoring boundaries

Bodywork 103: your bodywork toolset: hands, elbows, feet, knees

Bodywork 104: introduction to thai massage

Bodywork 105: introduction to acupressure or marma points

Bodywork 106: introduction to barefoot shiatsu

Bodywork 107: introduction to oil massage from an ayurveda perspective

Bodywork 108: introduction to craniosacral therapy


The following workshops will be much easier to follow with some basic knowledge (previous attendance of 100 level courses or home study):


thai massage students.jpg

Bodywork 301: thai massage: front, legs part 1

Bodywork 302: thai massage: front, legs part 2

Bodywork 303: thai massage: abdomen + chest

Bodywork 304: thai massage: front, arms + hands

Bodywork 305: thai massage: front, neck and head

Bodywork 306: thai massage: posterior, legs

Bodywork 307: thai massage: posterior, back

Bodywork 308: thai massage: side position, legs + hips

Bodywork 309: thai massage: side position, torso, arms + head

Bodywork 310: thai massage: seated position part 1

Bodywork 311: thai massage: seated position part 2

Bodywork 312: thai massage: entire pattern

acupressure third eye and heart center.jpg

Bodywork 321: acupressure, lung meridian

Bodywork 322: acupressure, large intestine meridian

Bodywork 323: acupressure, stomach meridian part 1

Bodywork 324: acupressure, stomach meridian part 2

Bodywork 325: acupressure, heart meridian

Bodywork 326: acupressure, small intestine meridian

Bodywork 327: acupressure, bladder meridian part 1

Bodywork 328: acupressure, bladder meridian part 2

Bodywork 329: acupressure, kidney meridian

Bodywork 330: acupressure, pericardium meridian

Bodywork 331: acupressure, triple warmer meridian

Bodywork 332: acupressure, gall bladder meridian, part 1

Bodywork 333: acupressure, gall bladder meridian, part 2

Bodywork 334: acupressure, liver meridian

Bodywork 335: acupressure, yu points

Bodywork 336: acupressure, lo points + master points

Bodywork 337: acupressure, great regulating channel

Bodywork 338: acupressure, bridge channel

Bodywork 339: acupressure, common flows

Bodywork 340: acupressure, designing a flow for an individual's needs

Bodywork 351: barefoot shiatsu, legs + hips

Bodywork 352: barefoot shiatsu, back

Bodywork 353: barefoot shiatsu, arms + shoulders

Bodywork 361: ayurveda oil massage: vata type overview

Bodywork 362: ayurveda oil massage: vata, posterior, legs + hips

Bodywork 363: ayurveda oil massage: vata, posterior, arms + head

Bodywork 364: ayurveda oil massage: vata, front, legs + hips

Bodywork 365: ayurveda oil massage: vata, front, abdomen, chest, arms + hands

Bodywork 366: ayurveda oil massage: vata, front, neck, face + head

Bodywork 367: ayurveda oil massage: vata, finishing session + client homework

Bodywork 371: ayurveda oil massage: pitta type overview

Bodywork 372: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, posterior, legs + hips

Bodywork 373: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, posterior, arms + head

Bodywork 374: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, front, legs + hips

Bodywork 375: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, front, abdomen, chest, arms + hands

Bodywork 376: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, front, neck, face + head

Bodywork 377: ayurveda oil massage: pitta, finishing session + client homework

Bodywork 381: ayurveda oil massage: kapha type overview

Bodywork 382: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, posterior, legs + hips

Bodywork 383: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, posterior, arms + head

Bodywork 384: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, front, legs + hips

Bodywork 385: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, front, abdomen, chest, arms + hands

Bodywork 386: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, front, neck, face + head

Bodywork 387: ayurveda oil massage: kapha, finishing session + client homework


craniosacral therapy cranial vault hold.JPG

Bodywork 391: craniosacral therapy overview, basic rhythms, different styles

Bodywork 392: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, (1) still point induction

Bodywork 393: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, (2) diaphragm releases: pelvic, respiratory, thoracic inlet, hyoid and occipital cranial base

Bodywork 394: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, (3) L5-S1 decompression, iliac gap, dural-tube traction; (4) dural tube rock/glide

Bodywork 395: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, (5) frontal lift; (6) parietal lift; (7) Sphenobasilar compression-decompression

Bodywork 396: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, (8) Temporal techniques: temporal wobble, finger in ear, ear pull; (9) TMJ compression and decompression; (10) CV4 still point

Bodywork 397: craniosacral therapy: 10 step protocol, entire process