Ayurveda Cooking Classes

 Cooking the food you and your loved ones eat is a simple and joyful way to experience the healing principles of Ayurveda. The cooking classes are interactive and hands-on and include,

  • Introduction to basic principles of Ayurveda - 5 elements, 3 organizations, 20 qualities, 6 tastes

  • Learning to choose the right food for your body type/constitution

  • Understanding the benefits of ingredients commonly used in Ayurveda

  • Learning to cook simple daily meals using those ingredients and spices

  • Seasonal recipes and tips

  • Food combinations - the good and bad

Examples of food and beverage demonstrations include how to make universally healing kitchari, homemade ghee, masala chai, basics of cooking grains, lentils and vegetables. You will get to touch and feel the ingredients and sample what we cook together.

The classes will help you better understand your body and naturally make mindful eating choices for optimal nourishment and well being. No prior cooking skills are required. 

Note: You are required to register online latest by 5pm on the Thursday before class to help us estimate quantities of ingredients. The same applies to cancellations.