Ayurveda Classes

INTRO TO AYURVEDA: Ayurveda is a gardening health care system, with thousands of years of practical wisdom.  The body is seen as a garden and those who spend time in the garden learn how to thrive.  This introductory course teaches about the 5 elements: space, air, fire, water, earth; the 3 organizations (doshas): vaata, pitta, kappa; and the qualities of the doshas.  This is the foundation for all other learning in Ayurveda and this class warrants repeating several times.

AYURVEDA AND YOGA FOR WOMEN (link): Attendees learn how to use simple Ayurvedic wisdom as it applies to health and beauty for women.  Included is information about the menstrual cycle, menopause, pregnancy, and on how to nourish and soothe breast and reproductive tissue.

AYURVEDA COOKING (link): Come to this hands-on class where you will learn to cook delicious and nutritious meals with ease while learning Ayurvedic theory.  All classes include a seasonal tridoshic meal.

AYURVEDA DAILY ROUTINE: Ayurveda "knowledge of life" teaches a priority of treatments for healthy living. Primary, before diet, herbs and prescriptions, is the healthy daily routine.  We cover basic life skills including how to do morning cleanses like scraping the tongue and nasal oil; healthy meal times; and what kinds of exercise for different body types.

ABHYANGA - DAILY SELF-OIL MASSAGE: Self-massage, or Abhyanga, can lead to increased circulation, calming of the nerves, increased mental alertness, and improved elimination of impurities from the body.  In this introductory class, learn how to use the right abhyanga oil as well as self-massage techniques for the head, neck, and face. 

SINUS CARE - NASYA AND NETI POT: The nose is the gateway to the praana vaha srota in ayurveda - the channel of vital energy.  Most of us brush our teeth for cleaning the gateway to the food channel.  Cleaning the nose and sinuses is similar, and has a wonderful effect on breathing.  Learn neti pot - the saline treatment, and nasya - the oil treatment, as well as simple massage techniques.

DIET AND CLEANSE: Ayurveda always asks "for whom and when?" is something healthy.  Learning what kind of diet and cleanse to do is important.  Ayurveda is the home of all cleansing, as it's thorough world-renowned, residential panchakarma system can attribute.  Here in the US, we teach simple at-home cleanses that are effective for those with enough discipline to follow them.

AND MORE: Other topics covered in our ayurveda classes include oral care, eye care, internal cleansing (basti), food as medicine - the six tastes, fasting, skin care, henna, and basic herbalism.