Ayurveda Health Consultation Pricing

15m  $30    for short clinic visits, herb changes, and short treatments

60m  $100   for seasonal check ups

 90m  $150  for initial consultations, which includes email follow up.  Fill out health history form by email or print, before appointment, and bring with you.

2017 dates for consultations - our Ayurveda medical practitioner works in Indianapolis for 2 weeks of each month, and is available by skype/facetime/phone during any time of the month.  For in person consults, call 317-405-8248 or use our online calendar and scroll to one of these dates:

 Apr 19-26, May 17-24, Jun 21-28, Jul 19-26, Aug 16-23, Sep 13-20, Oct 11-18, Nov 8-15

For phone/video consult any time of the month, schedule directly with Pierre at pcouvy@gmail.com