Ayurveda Curriculum

Schools wishing to have a topic presented onsite can contact our studio manager here.  Students wishing to learn a topic can express interest here.

Workshops are generally 3 hours.

Ayurveda 101: 5 elements, 3 organizations, 20 qualities   (bhuta, dosha, guna)

Ayurveda 102: what is my baseline constitution  (prakrti)

Ayurveda 103: breathing techniques for conditions  (pranayama)

Ayurveda 104: food for health: the 6 tastes  (rasa)

Ayurveda 105: food for health: ayurveda cooking basics

Ayurveda 106: food for health: best choices and worst offenders, by body types

Ayurveda 107: food for health: healthy vegetarian diet and how to cook beans

Ayurveda 108: daily routine, the cornerstone of health (dinacarya)

Ayurveda 109: creating healthy weekly, monthly and seasonal routines

Ayurveda 110: self-care for the mouth, nose and throat (nasya, neti, gandusha)

Ayurveda 111: self-care for the skin (abhyanga)

Ayurveda 112: self-care for the ears and head (karna purana)

Ayurveda 113: self-care for the GI tract (virecana, basti)

Ayurveda 114: self-care for the menstrual cycle (artava)

Ayurveda 115: ayurveda cooking: ghee and yogurt

Ayurveda 116: ayurveda cooking: morning: date shakes, juice, and chai

Ayurveda 117: ayurveda cooking: lunch: spices as medicine: same dish 3 ways for different bodies


The following workshops will be much easier to follow with some basic knowledge (previous attendance of 100 level courses or home study):


Ayurveda 301: signs of disorder, vata type (vata vikrti)

Ayurveda 302: signs of disorder, pitta type (pitta vikrti) 

Ayurveda 303: signs of disorder, kapha type (kapha vikrti)

Ayurveda 304: signs of dis-ease, and progression of disease in the body (

Ayurveda 305: body tissues, part 1 (dhatu)

Ayurveda 306: body tissues, part 2 (dhatu)

Ayurveda 307: body channels, part 1 (srota)

Ayurveda 308: body channels, part 2 (srota)

Ayurveda 309: vata subtypes (prana, udana, samana, vyana, apana)

Ayurveda 310: pitta subtypes (sadhaka, alocaka, pacaka, ranjaka, bhrajaka)

Ayurveda 311: kapha subtypes (tarpaka, avalambaka, kledaka, bodhaka, shleshaka)

Ayurveda 312: exercise + body posture emphases by body type, vata (asana)

Ayurveda 313: exercise + body posture emphases by body type, pitta (asana)

Ayurveda 314: exercise + body posture emphases by body type, kapha (asana)


Ayurveda 315: pulse reading, organs (nadi)

Ayurveda 316: pulse reading, prakrti (nadi)

Ayurveda 317: pulse reading, vikrti (nadi)

Ayurveda 318: face reading (mukha darshana)

Ayurveda 319: tongue reading (jihva)

Ayurveda 320: introduction to herbology (oshadhi)

Ayurveda 321: herbs by dosha imbalance

Ayurveda 322: herbs by tissue imbalance