**February Special- Free Zumba (Wed 5pm) and 5 min massages (Sat & Sun 9am-1 pm) !! **

Welcome to Santosha

 We are a multidisciplinary school, offering a diversity of natural health care options.  Whether you are interested in taking yoga classes, receiving an Ayurvedic consultation or relaxing with a bodywork session, we offer you a warm welcome.   There's always something interesting going on, including weekend workshops, meditation and sanskrit classes. Santosha means contentment.  It is yours to find at Santosha School. 

Santosha School is nationally certified.  Our classes are open to all people and we have watched people of all ages find greater health and happiness.  Those seeking professional certification study here as well, and accumulate credits as at a university.  We offer thorough, professional training programs in the growing natural health care fields of ayurveda, yoga and bodywork

We are a family school, where people of all ages, races, nationalities, orientations, and religious beliefs are welcome.

We believe in certification and licensing for natural health care.  Choose certified and help these professions grow.




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Our new address:
8580 Cedar Place
1st Unit
Indianapolis, IN 46240
 (Near 86th and College)

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Yoga Lab- Forward bends & Twists

Yoga Lab- Forward bends & Twists

This Weekend at Santosha

Yoga Lab: Warrior 1-Standing Poses                                            

Pondicherry, India 2015

Pondicherry, India 2015

Saturday 8:45-10:45 AM